Cocogarden® Natural Manure - Rich in plant nutrients - 4.5 kg

Natural Manure 4.5Kg Rich in plant nutrients

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Product Description: Made through 40 days of aerobic decomposition with mix of following which are 100% natural 1. Cow dung 2. Goat Manure 3. Ground nut cake 4. Pungam Cake 5. Neem cake 6. Press Mud (Sugar cane by product from Sugar mills) 7. Wood Ash 8. Steamed Bone Meal 9. Beneficial microbes - Azospirillum, Phosphobacteria, Pseudomonas, trichoderma 10. Plant leaves Benefits: Excellent source of Macro and Micro nutrients Application: 1. Top your garden soil with 40-50 gms every 3 weeks and add water immediately during late evening or early morning 2. Prepare potting mix with your growing media (soil or cocopeat) in ratio 4:1 (4 part growing media 1 part Organic manure)