Potting Mix 1.8 kg
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Product Description: Made through 40 days of aerobic decomposition of Cocopeat mixed with following which are 100% natural 1. Cow dung 2. Goat Manure 3. Ground nut cake 4. Pungam Cake 5. Neem cake 6. Wood Ash 7. Steamed Bone Meal 8. Beneficial microbes - Azospirillum, Phosphobacteria, Pseudomonas, trichoderma 9. Plant leaves Benefits: Excellent source of Macro and Micro nutrients Application 1: No waiting time for preparing potting mix, just fill it in grow bags or container and start growing. No need to add any manure or soil. You can add soil if you want to increase the compactness Application 2: You can also bring life to your potting mix you are using, if you see stunted growth. Mix 1:1 ratio and your potting mix will be conditioned and ready with full of nutrients